October 2018: Legends


by Sibyl Teague

During the month of October, the Diesslin Gallery over in the Riverside Annex will feature the work of Sibyl Teague.

 From the Artist:

I have been a printmaker for over 15 years, using many diverse techniques including relief, collagraph, monoprints, stone lithography, and etching. My recent work combines traditional printmaking methods and sculptural techniques. These “Dimensional Prints” fulfill my quest to break outside the conventional rectangular format so often seen in traditional printmaking. They also reflect my love of pattern and color. This new work combines monoprints and other printmaking techniques on paper glued to wood to form images of animals, masks, and mythological characters.

LEGENDS – by Sibyl Teague
A Dimensional Printmaking Art Show

To Celebrate Native American History Month

The theme of this one-person show centers on myths and legends of various native people of the Americas. My interpretation of some of these tales is created in my recently developed technique of Dimensional Printmaking. My goal is to create an educational themed installation, with larger pieces “connected” to each other by smaller pieces flowing between them. (flocks of birds for instance). The main pieces will have a QR code on the label near them that will allow viewers with readers on their cell phones to follow links to websites that give information about the myth or animal shown. Postcards will also be available at the show with images of the main pieces on the front and the links listed on the back.
The art pieces are formed using monoprints printed by the artist, glued to Baltic Birch plywood and assembled using shapes cut out with a scroll saw. The monoprints are printed on high quality 100% rag printmaking paper using etching and lithographic inks. Prices for my pieces range from $75.00 for smaller pieces, and up to $400.00 for larger pieces. Pricing for very large pieces not yet determined. I anticipate 5-6 large pieces, 4-5 medium size pieces and 6-12 small pieces, and 6-8 “flocks”.


Artists’ Opening Reception: Saturday October 13, 2018 from 5:00pm-7:00pm in the SteamPlant’s Diesslin Gallery in the Riverside Annex.

Come and meet Sibyl in person to discuss her work and admire this exhibit in person. Complimentary beer and wine from the SteamPlant and free hors d’oeuvres.