March 2017: Tina Gramann

Tina Gramann, Artist

“To Salida, With Love”

Paquette Gallery, March 2017


Second Saturday Art Reception

Tina will welcome the public at a reception for her show on Saturday, March 11 from 5-7 pm. Light hors d’oeuvres will be served and complimentary beer and wine will be available.

About the Artist

Tina Gramann is a teacher and self-taught artist. Her work is inspired by nature and years of teaching children and working in the theatre. Tina has an MFA in Theatre Arts and an AAS in Child Development. This is her first art show.

To Salida, With Love

I have worked in creative fields (theatre, choreography, education) most of my professional life, but really only dove head first into visual art upon moving to Salida three years ago, after coming into contact with so many artists and finding such a welcoming environment.

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I am drawn to color, nature, and voice. I admire others’ technique and strive to improve my own, however it is self-expression that I find most interesting. I am inspired by folk art, outsider art, and work for and by children, because of the uninhibited expressiveness that I see. I love that a voice can always find a way.

Most of my work is temporary and experiential as I do a lot of chalk art, event signage, window, and face paint work that you have to experience the same day before it washes away. However, I did make some pieces for this show that will last longer. l like to experiment with mediums and form. I don’t know about my voice yet but I do capture things I miss like great oaks, tropicals, and diversity. So you will find here some pieces of chalk art, photos, color and whimsy. I hope you enjoy.